We're so glad you've decided to demonstrate your commitment to user protection by signing onto the Presidio Principles. Now for the real work! Here are some tools to help you put the Principles into Practice:

Interactive Implementation Guide

Signed on and looking for ways to get started? This interactive implementation guide provides personalized recommnedations based on your role within your organization.

An Ethereum Guidance Document

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Learn from case studies

Creating a government blockchain strategy with user protection at the forefront.

The Government of Colombia created a Blockchain Reference Guide for the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology for the Colombian State.

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Uniting a diverse Board and member base around the Principles.

The Global Blockchain Business Council created a program of activities around the Presidio Principles to create alignment among members, after approval from its Board of Directors.

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Serving as a local hub for Presidio Principles implementation and discussion.

The Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which was created by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, is acting as a hub for the dissemination of the Principles within the Korean blockchain ecosystem.

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Want to learn more? Check out our case studies here.