Case study

Serving as a local hub for Presidio Principles implementation and discussion.

The Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which was created by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, is acting as a hub for the dissemination of the Principles within the Korean blockchain ecosystem.
The Opportunity
The Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolutions (KPC4IR) was created within the Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT to create policy recommendations and frameworks for emerging technologies.

Their team of researchers and professors works on an array of projects and policy pilots in collaboration with both the public and private sector, in order to craft new approaches to technology, policy, and governance for the era of 4IR.

As part of their efforts to promote a harmonious blockchain ecosystem, particularly within Korea, the KPC4IR used the Presidio Principles as a point of alignment among both industry groups and government entities.
How we used the Presidio Principles:
The KPC4IR signed onto the Principles as a regional hub for the dissemination of the Presidio Principles. Working closely with the World Economic Forum, we designed a series of activities and events that would help set a baseline of the ecosystem that drives the inclusive development and use of this technology in both the public and private sectors.

A first step was translating the Principles into Korean to increase accessibility of the Principles to a more global audience.

In June 2021, we convened a roundtable with leaders of the top blockchain industry groups in the country, including the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, the Blockchain & Law Society the Korea Society of Blockchain, the Open Blockchainā€§DID Association, Korea Blockchain Association, the Korea Blockchain Startup Association, and Blockchain Labs. The roundtable covered:

  • The context of blockchain innovation in Korea
  • How industry groups could tactically apply the Presidio Principles
  • New ideas for resources that could help with implementation of the Presidio Principles

We have plans to continue the work of implementing the Principles, including creating best practices and case studies, in close collaboration with the industry groups and the Ministry of Science and ICT.
  • Principles Translated into Korean
  • Industry Roundtable Agenda